Survive and Thrive Schedule

As a cardiac arrest survivor you might not realise you are quite unique, survival rates are only 8% in the UK. There is a good chance that you’ve never met another survivor face to face, and this follows for partners, lifesavers and family of survivors.

Our events are one of the rare opportunities where you get to chat and interact with others who’ve been through a similar experience and “GET IT“.

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Saturday 18th November, 2023


The Staverton Park Hotel and Golf Club, Daventry

The majority of the event will be held in the main conference room – the County Suite – with other sessions taking place in rooms nearby.

09:00 – 09:55County ReceptionRegistration
10:00 – 16:15County SuiteMain sessions/Survivors Open Discussion
10:00 – 16:15Oxford RoomLiz Sharpe/Co-Survivors+Supporters Open Discussion
11:10 – 15:20ShrewsburyLearn CPR/AED skills with Heartwize. These are by appointment, please book at registration.
10:00 – 16:15Room 29Quiet Room

Registration – County Suite Reception

From 09:00 – Tea, coffee, mingle, exhibition

When you register you will be given a name tag with a coloured lanyard:

  • Purple – Survivor
  • Blue – Co-survivors
  • Black – Everyone else

To make it a smooth registration for all, it would be appreciated if the lead person in each party can complete the attendee details form in advance (preferably by the 16th November).

Volunteer helpers from the Essex Cardiothoracic Centre will be around during the day to help you with any enquiries. They will be identifiable by their yellow t-shirts.

If wish to show your support for what we do there will be limited supplies of SCA UK merchandise available for purchase on the day.

Make sure you bring some CASH as we will be having a raffle which has a rather superb main prize of a CellAED, kindly donated by our sponsors Rapid Response Revival.

There will be plenty of opportunities to talk to other delegates during the day and we encourage you to engage with others.

Schedule – County Suite

Session 1Moderators : Professor William Toff / Dr Thomas Keeble

10:0010:15Welcome – Professor William Toff
10:1510:35SCA UK with Paul Swindell
10:3511:00CARE – The Cardiac Arrest REcovery Team
with Dr Tom Keeble
11:0011:20RCUK, SCAUK and “My right to recovery” campaign.
with Adam Benson-Clarke
11:2011:45Interventions e.g. stents, medications
with Dr John Davies
11:4512:10Electrophysiology : Arrhythmias, ICD’s etc
with Dr Neil Srinivasan


12:10 – 13:20 Lunch, mingle, exhibition

Session 2Moderators : Professor William Toff / Professor Kirstie Haywood

13:2013:40Warwick University Cardiac Arrest Research
with Professor Kirstie Haywood
13:4014:00East Midlands Ambulance Service : The other side of the coin
with Conor McClelland
14:0014:20Speech and Language difficulties post SCA. Recognising and developing coping strategies with Jeanne Reilly
14:2014:40Coping with Fatigue / The psychological aspect of survivorship
with Dr Marco Mion
14:4015:00What’s the Worst That Can Happen?
with Karl Perry


15:00 – 15:20 Tea, coffee, mingle, exhibition

Session 3Moderators : Professor William Toff / Charlotte Pickwick / Ellie Gudde / Marco Mion

15:2016:15Open Discussions
We’ll split into separate moderated rooms for informal chat amongst like minded individuals
– Survivors (County Suite)
– Co-Survivors and supporters (Oxford Room)
16:1516:30Closing comments

Schedule – Oxford Room

Essex Cardiothoracic Centre counsellor Liz Sharpe will be delivering two sessions targeted at making life after cardiac arrest easier. Places will be limited so please book your spot at the registration desk.

12:1013:20Speakers and Sponsors Lunch
13:2014:15Living life as a family carer / coping with uncertainty
with Liz Sharpe
14:1515:00Self help tips for beating stress, anxiety and low mood
with Liz Sharpe
15:0015:15Break : Coffee, mingle, exhibition
15:1516:15Open Discussions – Partners and Life Savers
Moderated by Stuart Menzies / Uzma Sajjad / Tom Keeble / Liz Sharpe

Schedule – Shrewsbury Room

We have CPR/AED training sessions delivered by the excellent HeartWize team. Places will be limited so please book your spot at the registration desk.

10:5012:10CPR and AED training
with HeartWize
14:0015:20CPR and AED training
with HeartWize

Schedule – Room 29

We have set aside a room as a quiet space should any one feel the need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the day.

10:5012:10Quiet room
13:2016:15Quiet room

Please see here for more information on the speakers

Evening – County Suite

19:0019:30Gather for pre-dinner drinks
19:00Close up magic from Trevor Cline
20:30A word from our sponsor
with survivor Ben Culff
Light music from Maddox Jones
23:00Bar closes


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