Sudden Cardiac Arrest UK Leaflet

Leaflet which gives an insight into what the Sudden Cardiac Arrest UK group is about.  Available as a FREE PDF download or in hard copy from SADS UK (see below).

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A sudden cardiac arrest can be quite scary and lonely and connecting with others who’ve been through the same experience can be difficult.

We believe that joining our peer support group can be a real boost to a survivors recovery.  It can also help family and friends understand what an SCA is all about and what the person they care about is going through.  So we have produced a leaflet which is intended to give an insight into what the group is about and hopefully attract people who might benefit from being a member i.e. those affected by an unexpected and sudden cardiac arrest.  This could be survivors, rescuers, partners, family members or interested medical professionals at any stage of their involvement with an SCA.

We are keen to get these leaflets into relevant locations.  Places such as hospitals with cardiac wards, specialist cardiac facilities, cardiac rehabilitation groups and even GP surgeries.

If you can help distribute them we’d really appreciate it if you could send the following details to:

[email protected]

1) your name and address,
2) how many copies you want,
3) where you are going to distribute them to

and don’t forget to mention that it’s our leaflet you want as they have many of their own.