Not Alone Event

It’s easy to feel alone and abandoned post-cardiac arrest and with this event we hope to banish that feeling!

As a cardiac arrest survivor you might not realise you are quite unique, survival rates are only 8% in the UK. There is a good chance that you’ve never met another survivor face to face, and this follows for partners, lifesavers and family of survivors.

Our events are one of the rare opportunities where you get to chat and interact with others who’ve been through a similar experience and “GET IT“.

As well as ample time to mingle with others we will also be having invaluable educational talks and interactive sessions which can help you in your recovery.


Saturday 28th September, 2019

There will also be an informal gathering the evening before and fundraising activity on Sunday morning, so please feel free to join us and take advantage of a full weekend!


The Edith Weston Conference suite at the Barnsdale Hall Hotel. This stunning venue is near the town of Oakham and is in a lovely setting on the edge of the beautiful Rutland Water.

It’s a very central location and easily accessible from motorways, just 90 mins from London, 100 mins from Leeds, 70 mins from Birmingham and 45 from Cambridge.

See the Not Alone Accommodation Options page for more information on booking the hotel plus alternative suggestions. Book before the end of July to secure a discounted rate.

Educational Sessions

The majority of the daytime event will be held in the conference centre, just a few minutes walk from the hotel.

We will be having sessions on a variety of topics that are of interest to those affected by a cardiac arrest such as the psychological aspect of survivorship, dealing with memory issues and fatigue, how to put an AED in your community and living an active life post-SCA.

Not Alone Seminar Full Schedule

Overall we hope it will be similar in content and feel to last years very successful event but with a little more time for mingling.

Evening Event

Following on in the footsteps of last years bash we have the awesome rock ‘n roll band The Houndogs and a DJ lined up, along with the bewildering talents of balloon artist and magician Trevor Cline. Food will be provided by the hotel in the form of a BBQ. See below for more information.

Celebration of Life – The Second Coming Party

Weekend Schedule

Friday 27th

7pm – Informal gathering for evening drinks

Saturday 28th

Not Alone Seminar Full Schedule


Thanks to our wonderful sponsors we are able to keep costs down and so we think the ticket prices are excellent value for what should be a very informative and rewarding day.

This is the only dedicated event like this for those affected by cardiac arrest in the UK, so don’t miss out and get your tickets now!

Daytime – £5*

Buy Daytime Tickets

Evening – Survivors free, children £5, all others £25

Buy Evening Tickets

*Refundable or gratefully accepted as a donation to help fund the SCA UK cause

Please note that tickets for the daytime and evening must be purchased separately.

Not Sure?

We asked for feedback on last years event and the response was overwhelmingly positive…

92% gave the day a 5/5 (and the rest a 4/5)!

98% said that the event had been helpful

There were lot’s of great comments about most of the aspects of the day but many were about the fact that this was an opportunity to meet other survivors.

Some quotes:

“The whole event was one big party”

“…the most emotional and happy thing that I have been subject to in years”

“Meeting other survivors and their families, it was like therapy as everyone just gets it.”

“Wonderful people with whom I have made friends and something I will treasure forever.”

“So many people with similar tales to tell who had overcome cardiac arrest (with significant help from the NHS and friends and family) and seeing similarities between your own experience and theirs”

“Best experience since my SCA by far.”

“The evening event was so relaxed with people just getting to know each other – think we all feel we have made friends for life.”

“Amazing day, great organisers and the volunteers were very helpful throughout the day”

“You rock!!!!!!”

“Simply one of the best weekends of my life!!!”

Rest assured that along with our partners SADS UK, the Essex CTC and Heartwize we will endeavour to make this the best day of your life since your SCA.

So we do hope you can join us this year and we look forward to seeing you in September!


Not Alone event flyer

If you can help spread the word about our event please either contact us for copies of the flyer or feel free to download the PDF below and print your own

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