UK AED Map resources

Looking for a UK AED map to find your local defibrillator? Well you’ve come to the right place!

Knowing where your local AED is can be a matter of life and death and having a UK AED map of the publicly available defibrillators in your area can make the job a whole lot easier.

Creating a UK AED map can be a time consuming business and we have tried to build a comprehensive list of those UK AED maps that can be used by the public. These are both publicly and privately created and until the National Defibrillator Network* goes live there is no official central source.

*The National Defibrillator Network was announced in August 2018 and is a partnership was between the BHF, Microsoft and the NHS to map all of the UK’s defibrillators.

When an AED is placed for public use it should be registered with the ambulance service for that locale.  Usually the AED’s case will then be given an id that should be associated with it.  If the AED is required any person wanting to use it should call 999 and then quote the code.  If the case is protected by a coded lock the unlock sequence will be given whilst professional help dispatched. Defibrillators like these are also known as Community Public Accessible Defibrillators (CPAD).

On AED maps, CPAD’s that are available 24×7 are usually marked in green, whereas those with time constraints are in red.


GoodSAM – Good Smartphone Activated Medics, app that connects those in need with life savers.  It’s primary use is to alert medically trained people to emergencies such as a cardiac arrest, but within the map feature you can view AED’s that are in your area and also add to their database. They claim to have a comprehensive list of AED’s and say it is the worlds largest. An excellent app and one that everyone should have on their phone.

Heartsafe Locator

Open Source Map – research project run by Dr Robert Whittaker

Defib Tracker – covers UK, but predominantly West Midlands

Helicopter Emergency Service Equipment

SP Services

Minutes Matter – Underused and map is rather sparse


London Ambulance Service

GoodSam App – See above

The East of England Ambulance Service 

East of England Ambulance Service – spreadsheet

The East Midlands Ambulance Service

Tom Henson Charity Defibrillator map

The Isle of Man Ambulance & Paramedic Service

The North East Ambulance Service

North East Hearts With Goals
Lancashire Defibrillator Campaign
Eden Lifeline Project – Cumbria
Cumbria County Council

The North West Ambulance Service

Rochdale Borough Council
Community First Responders
The Adam Appeal

The Scottish Ambulance Service

Scottish Ambulance – Registration required
Lucky 2B Here
Trossachs Defibrillator
AED’s in Scotland
– good map, but associated website seems defunct

The South Central Ambulance Service

SCAS AED Locator App
Tadley Community Responders

The South East Coast Ambulance Service

Horsham District Council

The South Western Ambulance Service

St John Ambulance in Jersey

The Welsh Ambulance Service

NHS Direct Wales

The West Midlands Ambulance Service

Defib Finder

The Yorkshire Ambulance Service

Yorkshire Ambulance Service

Northern Ireland Ambulance Service