Changing of the Guard

Organisations evolve over time, and leadership transitions are a natural part of that process. Sudden Cardiac Arrest UK is going through such a change in its board of trustees.

While individuals may come and go, the mission remains constant. The charity’s focus on supporting sudden cardiac arrest survivors and their families persists. This board transition represents the ever-evolving journey, combining fresh perspectives with continued commitment to the cause.

Thank You

We regretfully announce that Charlotte Pickwick has informed us of her decision to step down as a Sudden Cardiac Arrest UK trustee. This decision comes as Charlotte embarks on a new professional journey.

Charlotte’s dedication, enthusiasm, and professionalism have been the bedrock of our charity for over 18 months as a trustee and for many years before that. While we will miss her in this role, we are delighted she will continue supporting us as a group moderator and the charity’s safeguarding officer.

Please join us in expressing our deepest gratitude to Charlotte and wishing her every success in her future endeavours.


We are thrilled to welcome Joanna Balgarnie to the board of trustees at Sudden Cardiac Arrest UK. Joanna has been an integral part of our community since its inception, attending the first meeting in London in 2015 before SCA UK was officially established.

Over the years, Joanna has demonstrated her unwavering commitment to our cause by actively participating in various events and initiatives. In 2016, she joined our team courageously climbing over the O2 arena, and in 2018, she became one of the 127 Guinness World Record holders, adding another remarkable achievement to her portfolio.

Joanna’s dedication extends beyond attending our events; she has also organised local meet-ups in her area, fostering community and support among survivors and co-survivors.

Having worked with other charitable organisations, she will bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and her profound passion for supporting survivors and co-survivors; Joanna brings invaluable expertise to our board. We are excited to collaborate with her and tap into her insights as we grow and make a meaningful impact.

Please join us in welcoming Joanna to this new role and extend your support as she joins the SCA UK trustees board.

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