Survivorship Day Videos from #RESUS2020

The videos from the recent European Resuscitation Council (ERC) #RESUS2020 Survivorship Day are now available for all to watch, so if you couldn’t make the day, you’re in luck! The day was divided into 3 sessions, each consisting of a short summary of a longer presentation and then a discussion/Q&A session. You can view each … Read more

ERC #RESUS2020 Feedback

Last week was the ERC #RESUS2020 of which we were included as part of their Survivorship day. We know people want to meet-up and learn from each other and during these COVID times, that’s not so easy. The online conference is the next best thing and this was a first for the European Resuscitation Council … Read more

#RESUS2020 Survivorship Programme Roll Call

Hopefully, you are well aware that the European Resuscitation Council inaugural Survivorship day is on Saturday 24th October. There will be 3 hour-long sessions with a spectacular line-up of speakers and panellists who should not be missed! Especially as you don’t need to leave the comfort of your own home and it will cost you … Read more