The Voices of Survive and Thrive

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On November 18th, we held our third large-scale gathering – Survive and Thrive – welcoming nearly 200 sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) survivors, co-survivors, medical experts, and advocates. The day exceeded even our highest hopes. As organisers, we were blown away by the courageous stories shared, the instant connections made between perfect strangers, and the wealth … Read more

Finding Hope and Healing at the Survive and Thrive Sudden Cardiac Arrest UK Event

Last weekend, Sudden Cardiac Arrest UK hosted its inspirational “Survive and Thrive” gathering at Staverton Park Hotel and Golf Course. This uplifting event welcomed almost 200 cardiac arrest survivors, co-survivors, key supporters, medical staff, and advocates to connect, find support, and learn from one another. A key aspect that makes events like Survive and Thrive … Read more

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