Under Arrest

Seven years after his cardiac arrest, SCA UK newcomer Tony has updated his story that he wrote back in 2015… Prelude About 2 years after it happened I decided to write about my experience, from collapsing at the leisure centre to getting back to some sort of normality again. I found it really cathartic, writing … Read more

Reflections of 2018

2018 has been a great year for Sudden Cardiac Arrest UK. I am proud that our group is becoming recognised as a positive force in the wider world of cardiac arrest care yet continues to provide a friendly place to get great peer support, hopefully an experience that remains the same as it’s always been. Firstly, I … Read more

Pay it forward

As a survivor of a cardiac arrest I consider myself extremely lucky to stll be here.  In the UK roughly 8% of those experiencing a cardiac arrests survive and only a paltry 3% survive similar circumstances to my own i.e. unwitnessed. You may of heard of “Pay if forward”  (doing good deeds to others in … Read more