Do it for Defib with survivor Charlotte Pickwick

In episode 13 Paul talks with nurse and cardiac arrest survivor Charlotte Pickwick.

Our longest episode yet covers a lot of ground as Charlotte will happily admit, she likes to talk! However, it’s not just idle talk, as her journey since her cardiac arrest 26th December 2018 has been very interesting and she talks about the impact it has had on her, her saviour husband and her family.

Not wanting to dwell on things they have moved forward as a family unit and embraced their new life in positive ways. These include engaging fully with survivors and other members of Sudden Cardiac Arrest UK and by paying it forward by setting up their own charity Do It For Defib to save lives in their local area.

Available to listen on the link below or Spotify, Apple , Google and your favourite podcast player.

Presented by Paul Swindell and edited by Matt Nielson. Recorded July 2019

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