Journey of Hope: World Book Day Edition

Embark on a literary journey this World Book Day with an exclusive collection tailored for survivors and co-survivors of sudden cardiac arrest. Dive into gripping memoirs, insightful guides, and captivating narratives that illuminate the path to resilience and hope. From firsthand accounts to heartfelt reflections, these reads offer solace, inspiration, and practical wisdom for navigating life after cardiac arrest.

Join us in celebrating the power of storytelling to uplift and empower the Sudden Cardiac Arrest community. Welcome to a world where every page speaks volumes of courage and the triumph of the human spirit.

Life After Cardiac Arrest

Life After Cardiac Arrest” is a two-book series complied from members of the peer support group Sudden Cardiac Arrest UK. These writings, presented in chronological order, offer firsthand accounts of cardiac arrest events, survivors’ journeys, and stories of hope.

Aimed at those affected by sudden cardiac arrests or with an interest in the subject, the series provides insight into the emotional and physical challenges faced by survivors and their loved ones, offering a beacon of hope and understanding in the aftermath of such a traumatic event.

“A must-read for survivors, supporters, and health professionals.”

“Inspirational even for those who have not been involved with a Cardiac Arrest.”

“A helpful book. I had a SCA in 2019 and so could relate to a lot of this book.”

Please note that by purchasing the SCA UK books, not only do you gain invaluable insights and support, but you also contribute to raising funds for our charity, enabling us to continue our vital work in providing information, resources, and support to those affected by sudden cardiac arrest.

You Only Live Thrice

“You Only Live Thrice: Perspective Is A Superpower” by Karl Perry is a captivating memoir that explores life’s challenges and the power of perspective. Through humour, honesty, and wit, Karl shares his journey of surviving cardiac arrest, navigating life’s uncertainties, and finding resilience in the face of adversity.

Readers commend Perry’s candid storytelling, finding the book both moving and thought-provoking. With engaging anecdotes and insightful reflections, this book encourages readers to embrace life’s uncertainties and appreciate the perspective they bring.

Overall, “You Only Live Thrice” is a humorous, honest, and inspiring read that offers valuable lessons on resilience and the importance of perspective.

“Brilliant, honest and hilariously written!” 

“10/10 brilliant read – definitely recommended!”

“An absolutely cracking read, albeit hoping you never end up experiencing the same as the author!”

Observations of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survivor

“Observations of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survivor” by Ted Guloien is a heartfelt and insightful book that sheds light on the emotional and psychological challenges faced by survivors of sudden cardiac arrest. Written from the perspective of someone who has experienced this life-altering event firsthand, the book provides valuable guidance and support for both survivors and their families.

Readers commend Guloien for his candid and empathetic approach, praising the book for its relevance and helpfulness in navigating the complexities of recovery. With a focus on emotional healing and practical advice, this pamphlet offers solace and reassurance to those grappling with the aftermath of sudden cardiac arrest.

“Thank you so much for sharing. I am sure I will have to read it again (& again) but it may help people in my life understand my daily struggles.”

“That’s a great piece of work, Ted. Something that would have been good to have pre-hospital discharge.”

“This would have been SOOOO helpful years ago (when mine happened)…just the table of contents alone——I was like—yup, yup, yup, yup, etc.”

No Laughing Matter

“NO LAUGHING MATTER” is a heartfelt and personal account of survival after a sudden cardiac arrest. Written by Cee Tee Jackson, a survivor of this life-changing event, the book reflects on the author’s experience with humour, humility, and gratitude towards those who saved his life.

Through a light-hearted and conversational style, Jackson shares the unbelievable coincidences that led to his survival, offering a compelling and emotional narrative that highlights the heroes involved.

Readers will find themselves both laughing and shedding tears as they follow Jackson’s journey of recovery and newfound appreciation for life.

“Unbelievable coincidences occurred that meant he survived what most people wouldn’t. Very emotional to read in places.”

“Nicely written, this book is poignant and funny and offers a great insight into something we never hope to encounter.”

“A heartfelt and personal account of survival after a sudden cardiac arrest.”

Bonus Read – How To Save A Life

“How to Save a Life” isn’t from a survivor, but a co-survivor and established author Eva Carter (and SCA UK member) and it delves into the aftermath of a fictional sudden cardiac arrest. It explores the profound impact on the individuals involved, both physically and emotionally.

Through the characters’ experiences, readers gain insight into the complexities of recovery, the challenges of navigating life post-cardiac arrest, and the importance of support systems. Moreover, the novel offers a poignant exploration of the fragility of life and the resilience of the human spirit, themes that resonate deeply with those affected by cardiac arrest and their loved ones.

Additionally, the book sheds light on the significance of CPR and early intervention, highlighting the critical role bystanders play in saving lives. Overall, “How to Save a Life” not only provides a captivating narrative but also serves as a source of empathy, understanding, and inspiration for individuals within the Sudden Cardiac Arrest community.

SCA Library

Over the years I’ve scoured Amazon for sudden cardiac arrest books by survivors and co-survivors and saved them on a list, which you can view by clicking on the image below. If you know of relevant book that’s not on the list, please do let us know!


In closing, as we celebrate World Book Day and reflect on the power of storytelling, we invite you to embark on a journey through the pages of these remarkable books. Whether you’re a survivor, a co-survivor, a healthcare professional, or simply someone interested in learning more about sudden cardiac arrest, these narratives offer invaluable insights, inspiration, and understanding.

Take a moment to explore the firsthand accounts, heartfelt reflections, and practical wisdom shared within these pages. Each book offers a unique perspective on life after cardiac arrest, illuminating the path to resilience, hope, and healing.

And if you’re feeling inspired, why not consider writing an article for the Sudden Cardiac Arrest UK blog?

Check out the submission criteria and realise that your story, insights, or reflections could offer comfort and guidance to others walking a similar path.

Together, we can continue to raise awareness, provide support, and advocate for better post-discharge care for the Sudden Cardiac Arrest community.

So, pick up a book, delve into its pages, and join us in celebrating the power of storytelling to uplift and empower us all. Together, we can turn the page on sudden cardiac arrest and write a brighter future for everyone affected by this life-altering event.

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