Guinness World Record Attempt – Beating Hearts, Beating Records!

Sudden Cardiac Arrest UK in conjunction with The Essex Cardiothoracic Centre and SADS UK will be attempting to create a Guinness World Record of the largest gathering of cardiac arrest survivors in one place.

The attempt will take place on Saturday 9th June at the Essex Cardiothoracic Centre, which is part of the Basildon Hospital campus.

Volunteers from the hospital and Essex Air Ambulance will be assisting with the event so that everyone knows what they are doing and it runs smoothly.

We would like to ensure that the event is worth travelling for and so are looking to add educational sessions and a party afterwards.  Of course it’ll also be a great opportunity to meet survivors and others affected by an SCA – which is usually a great experience in itself!


This is the first time this record has been attempted and Guinness World Records have stipulated a number of conditions that must be met for the attempt to be considered valid.

  1. Must be organised by a hospital/medical authority
  2. At least 50 cardiac arrest survivors must be present
  3. Each survivor’s identity must be authenticated – Driving Licence/Passport
  4. Each survivor must have medical proof of having had a cardiac arrest – doctors note, statement, discharge papers, medical notes etc
  5. The survivors must gather in a secured venue for at least 10 minutes
  6. An approved counting method must be used.
  7. 2 independent witnesses must validate the attempt
  8. 1 of the witnesses must be a qualified doctor


For the attempt to be valid we need to have 50 or more confirmed cardiac arrest survivors.  This means each survivor must have proof of who they are and medical evidence that they have had a cardiac arrest.

GWR have stipulated that for the former, a valid driving licence or passport must be supplied. For the later a doctors note, statement, discharge papers, medical notes or something similar that is on official paper and signed appropriately.  Be aware that you may not see the exact words “cardiac arrest” on your notes, but an equivalent e.g. VF arrest, sustained VF – which needs to be present.  If you are in doubt go to your GP and get a letter confirming your case – Note that you may be charged for this.

On the day a medical doctor will validate your papers and copies will be taken which need to be sent to GWR as part of our evidence pack.

before the DEADLINE


To have our attempt validated and confirmed as a genuine record we must create an evidence pack – this will include a number of documents including copies of the participants id and cardiac arrest proof.  We will also have photographers and a videographer recording the event as some form of visual record is also required.  It is important that all survivors taking part in the attempt adhere to any instructions given to them on the day so that they may be included in the count.

Survivors not providing the correct evidence or straying out of the designated record attempt room will not be counted and so may invalidate our effort.


Although watching a group of cardiac arrest survivors gather together for 10 minutes isn’t a well known past time we would encourage you to come along and join in the day.  As well as the record attempt it will be a great opportunity to mingle with others, of which it’s quite likely that some have been through a similar experience to yourself.

Meeting others who “get it” can be a real boost and there’s always a positive vibe in the air when we get together.  We’re going to be having an educational seminar that will hopefully benefit a wide audience.

The evening will also allow people to mingle more and enjoy themselves in a relaxed atmosphere.

All survivors will have to pre-register, submitting their details with a scan of the documents they intend to use on the day.


A buffet lunch will be provided at the ECTC and a hog-roast (veggie option available) at the evening “A Celebration of Life” party.


Please see the “Beating Hearts, Beating Records” seminar page for a full breakdown of the day.


For survivors there will be no cost, but for others there will be a charge for the evening event.  The party is open to all and tickets must be purchased separately to the survivor registration and are now available on the “A Celebration of Life” party page.


The main event will be taking place at the Essex Cardiothoracic Centre (ECTC) with the evening entertainment at Ye Olde Plough, Bulphan,  which is approximately 10-15 minutes drive from the ECTC.

See this link or the following image for directions on how to get to the ECTC

Image result for essex cardiothoracic centre logo

Basildon University Hospital
SS16 5NL

Note on entry to the hospital campus you take the first exit left at the roundabout just before the multi story car park.

There will be limited free parking next to the ECTC and you can also use the paid for car parks on campus.

Click this link or the following image for directions on how to get to Ye Olde Plough, Bulphan

Image result for Ye Olde Plough Bulphan

Brentwood Road
RM14 3SR


Basildon is served by good communication links and by car is around 25 minutes off of the M25 – J30 A13 from the South, or J29 A127 from the North.

If you are require a lift or can offer one take a look at our car sharing page – please also bear in mind car sharing if travellling from a local hotel.

Basildon has a main line railway station that is approximately 30 mins out from London Fenchurch Street run by C2C.  There are usually taxi’s available or it is a 20-25 minute walk.

If you’re travelling a long way and are flying in, 3 airports are within 50 mins of the hospital, Southend (25 mins), London City (35 mins) and Stansted (50 mins).


If you wish to stay in the area there are are few options:

Ye Olde Plough has rooms, but as another function is on that evening availability will be limited.

Click on the map icons to see hotels within the immediate are.

Center map


Image result for premier inn

Just south of the ECTC – approx 1 mile away, 4 mins by car

The Festival Leisure Park (Bas Vegas!) – approx 3 miles away, 10 mins by car

East Mayne – approx 4 miles away, 10-15 mins by car

Image result for holiday inn

Festival Leisure Park – approx 3 miles away, 10 mins by car

Image result for campanile logo
Near A127 – approx 2.5 miles away, 8 mins by car