Past Events

As a group of people who have gone through one of the most traumatic life events one can have, there is a an instinctive bond between us.

Not everyone “gets” what it’s like to be “dead” for a while, or even what it’s like to save someones life, especially a loved one.

We’ve had a number of meet-ups now, both in person and via skype.

Chatting with others who have shared a similar experience can really help in overcoming the trauma of an SCA.

As well as helping each other we’re still keen to live life to the full and look for challenges that we can do together.

From humble beginnings, with 13 of us at the original meet-up in February 2015

A year later in February 2015,  there was almost double the numbers and a group of us did the O2 Dome Walk

A number of us also attended the SADS UK event “Life After Cardiac Arrest” in London, November 2016

See here for information of our next meet up