Survivor Survey – Neurological

Q: How are you neurologically?

Do you have any brain impairments, cognitive, memory, speech issues etc that can be related to the time that you brain was without oxygen (hypoxia)

Responses with name, age at SCA and time since

Sometimes find it hard to follow storylines in films/books, sometimes need to watch/read a few times, but other than that no problems

Julie,  31, 8 years

Severe memory loss as result of hypoxia

Kym,  40, 3 years

Memory not as good

Maureen,  68, 7 years

Memory problems, left deficit neurological disorder, problems with remembering names of things. Tremors in hands.

Brenden,  56, 4 years

A little memory loss but have been told this will improve

Joe,  52, 4 weeks

My short term memory is permanently impaired but I deal with this fairly well. It has improved over time but sometimes I have to remind others of this. My long term memory is intact, however. The only total loss is the week it happened. the 2 days before are gone and I lost the first week following my time in Resus.

Mark,  46, 23 years

Nothing that doctors have picked up on, but I think my memory is very slightly affected.

Clare,  31, Almost 5 months.


Lee,  37, 5 1/2 years

Memory and concentration are impaired

Stewart,  53, 3 years


Dawn,  48, 3 years

Again sketchy, find myself doing silly things forgetting stuff from one minute to the next…. if it’s not written down I’m buggered

Ben,  32, 1 year 2 months


Mark,  56, 14 months


Lynne,  47, 21 months

Short term memory loss

Amy,  30, 2 years and 8 months

Yes my recall is terrible now and I usually have to re-read things as they don’t sink in first (or second!) time but it’s manageable. My husband doesn’t acknowledge it as an issue but I notice the difference, am just less sharp mentally! No speech or emotional changes.

Michelle,  42, 4 years


Tracy,  50, 3 years


Michelle,  43, 5 years

Head seems bit fuzzy sometimes. Memory not quite so good.

Anon,  56, 15 months

Know I’m very lucky

Sue,  51, 8 months


Anon,  70, 10 months

Memory, depression etc

Anon,  36, 11 years

More forgetful and sometimes cannot get words out.

Joanne,  48, 23 months

Cognitive problems and event amnesia

Lisa,  35, 4 months

Yes! Mostly Memory. Short term and the process of retrieving it seems to be different. I have to think myself through the event, but my long term memory has improved. I now have memories of lots of things I didn’t remember (or chose to forget.)

Robyn,  57, 18 months

More forgetful, but not sure if that is more age !

Michelle,  50, 1 year

Memory loss of the night before, the day it happened and about 2 weeks after.

Amy,  17, 14 years

Yes, mild brain damage, nothing to really notice thankfully. Memory loss from about a month before and hazy memory from immediate recovery period. Some days are better than others and can be frustrating in a working day sometimes.

Judy,  39, 3 years


Pat,  51, 15 months

I had mainly cognitive and memory loss, much of which came back. Some memories around the year of the even are hazy and memories month running up are non-existant

Natasha,  25, 4.5 years

I have short term memory loss

Lisa,  40, 7 years


Carly,  34, 1 month

Short term Memory not the greatest

Graeme,  36, 10 years

None that I’m aware of.

Andy,  51, 5 years

I struggle with my short term memory a lot, such as learning new processes and taking in lots of information.

Imogen,  21, 2 years