Survivor Survey – Family

Q: How has your family dynamic or relationships changed?

This has been a big scare not only for you, but for your family as well. Many survivors have actually had family members start CPR or been a witness to their event and this can have an affect on them

Responses with name, age at SCA and time since

Even more open with my parents

Lee,  37, 5 1/2 years

My wife provided me with the CPR. Undoubtedly, she has been affected by this and we live on that knife edge waiting for the next arrest. At least the ICD provides a degree of comfort.

Andy,  51, 5 years

Friends trained in CPR

Stewart,  53, 3 years

All family worried

Pat,  51, 15 months

Relationship with parents is much more tense.

Clare,  31, Almost 5 months.

I have strong family and friends who not only supported me initially but also support each other ongoing.

Mark,  56, 14 months

My children constantly worry

Joanne,  48, 23 months

Once the dust settled, everything reverted to normal quickly. My poor husband was very good at repeatedly filling in my memory gaps.

Michelle,  42, 4 years

My husband performed CPR on me, never doing it before, he witnessed everything along with my 8 year old daughter. It was very hard for them to come to terms with it all, they were very shocked and my daughter received a little counselling at school. Since, my husband can be a nervous wreck if I cough in a funny way, he tries to limit was I do and that can be extremely frustrating. But, as I have said to them, I was the fortunate one, and understand, I did not have to experience the event – I wasn’t there!

Judy,  39, 3 years

My family don’t seem too affected by what has happened.

Joe,  52, 4 weeks

Husband worries alot

Dawn,  48, 3 years

Got divorced

Graeme,  36, 10 years

Family has changed partner took early retirement to care after discharge. I no longer work.

Kym,  40, 3 years

No, I’m stoic around them.

Anon,  36, 11 years


Tracy,  50, 3 years

No Change in family situation

Sue,  51, 8 months

A lot closer as a family . I worry about my daughter, who witnessed my arrest . I know she thinks about it every day .

Michelle,  50, 1 year

I have moved closer to my family since SCA but not the same city. My daughter has a long term illness so I guess I understand how she feels a bit better now.

Robyn,  57, 18 months

My mum and I clashed a lot as we both had to deal with our emotions seperately. I’m not a very emotional person whereas my mum is so we constantly argued for a good year. Now we’re both a lot better as time has gone by and we’ve both had seperate counselling.

Imogen,  21, 2 years

Husband who did CPR cries everyday. Though he has kept it secret.

Lisa,  35, 4 months


Maureen,  68, 7 years

My SCA happened in bed 7:50am kids age 3 & 6 were in bed with us for morning time just before we got out of bed, bang! My wife had to carry out CPR and look after the kids…. Words can’t explain what they have been through……

Ben,  32, 1 year 2 months

Realise what a fantastic family I have

Michelle,  43, 5 years

It has brought us all closer

Natasha,  25, 4.5 years

We are all even closer now!

Carly,  34, 1 month

Always had a good relationship, but I value them even more

Julie,  31, 8 years

Actually brought us closer together.

Brenden,  56, 4 years

My family have been very supportive

Lynne,  47, 21 months

Although it was a huge shock for everyone it’s not changed anything me having heart problems and being in hospital is ‘normal’

Amy,  17, 14 years

My family treat and regard me no differently than before. My youngest son was with me during my 2nd arrest at home. He was 8 at the time and he got quite a surprise! He’s 31 now so it appears he wasn’t affected.

Mark,  46, 23 years

My husband and daughter were both there with my husband doing CPR for 25 minutes until the ambulance arrived – neither discuss it and change the subject when it is bought up.

Lisa,  40, 7 years