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Death couldn’t separate us, neither will life

Guest post from Sacha Jenkyn, which was originally published on her blog in October 2015, just 2 months after her husbands SCA. Now republished on the 2nd anniversary of the event. On the 23rd of August this year my husband went into cardiac arrest.  We had fallen asleep tired and content after a long day filled … Read more

Bus Pass

Guest post by Fiona I subscribe to BHF Heartmatters magazine and there are some really encouraging and helpful articles this month.  There is an article about preparing for a holiday and two life stories of people who had overcome their fears and lack of confidence after their heart illness, it’s certainly something I can relate to. I have … Read more

Going on holiday

Guest post by Imogen, SCA survivor and travel industry professional I’ve always been someone who loves travelling and going on holiday so after my sudden cardiac arrest I was so worried that I wouldn’t be able to do these things again. Luckily it hasn’t actually affected any holidays that I have taken since/plan on taking. … Read more