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Survivor Survey – Physical

Q: How are you physically now?

Has your SCA changed your physical ability in any way, have your energy levels changed?

Responses with name, age at SCA and time since

I get very tired

Lisa,  35, 4 months

Very short of breath on any exertion unable to walk any distance or do stairs.

Kym,  40, 3 years

I am tired physically and I cannot walk distances like I use to.

Lisa,  40, 7 years

Slower, but this is mainly due to the underlying cardiomyopathy and not the arrival of my ICD.

Andy,  51, 5 years

I am still sore from ICD implant and very tired

Carly,  34, 1 month


Michelle,  43, 5 years

Fitter than before.

Anon,  56, 15 months

My energy levels were low for about the first two and a half months. Then I felt more normal. Physical ability unaffected other than temporary loss of fitness.

Clare,  31, Almost 5 months.

Roughly the same a little less fit

Graeme,  36, 10 years

Yes! ( Not sure if mentally I worry about it) Im much slower and I get very tired quickly.

Robyn,  57, 18 months

It was such a long time ago so no but my overall heart health has deteriorated due to CHD

Amy,  17, 14 years

Mild heart damage , get tired easily but not sure if this is the heart or the medication . Mild angina symptoms . Physically active now – walk the dog every day and go to gym on tailored program twice weekly . Back to swimming .

Michelle,  50, 1 year


Maureen,  68, 7 years

Very tired all day most days

Anon,  70, 10 months

I get tired a lot

Sue,  51, 8 months

Had 2 heart attacks and now find I’m very tired after a day at work, can’t cope with heat

Pat,  51, 15 months

Low energy

Tracy,  50, 3 years

Absolutely fine now, I go to the gym 4 times and week and feel like I can push myself as hard as I want. However, when it first happened my fitness definitely dipped.

Imogen,  21, 2 years

Very curious with doing exercise, but had got better after time.

Lee,  37, 5 1/2 years

Left with heart failure very fatigued and breathless

Dawn,  48, 3 years

I am tired easily, but battle against it to do what I want, there is too much to do my mind wants to do its my body that says no.

Julie,  31, 8 years

I’m just as active now as before, i do 5k runs at the gym and enjoy long hilly walks. It took a while to get confident enough to exercise but with the help of Heartsmart (run by local leisure centres) it’s been worth it!

Michelle,  42, 4 years


Amy,  30, 2 years and 8 months

Physical ability and energy levels are low but I’m supposed to be resting at the moment. Should be starting a rehabilitation course in a few weeks.

Joe,  52, 4 weeks

Tired more often but have to work 4 days for financial reasons.

Joanne,  48, 23 months

I have less energy

Lynne,  47, 21 months

A wreck, SCA brought on other problems which have affected my mobility, little energy, and severe arrhythmia and side affects of medication.

Brenden,  56, 4 years

Sketchy…. ok if I don’t exert myself however am attempting to work my old job running my own plumbing and heating business due to the physical attributes of this job I find myself somewhat knackered, but being self employed seem to be stuck between a rock and a hard place……who in the outside world would employ me??

Ben,  32, 1 year 2 months

Yes, reasonably disabled/slow and appalling memory.

Anon,  36, 11 years

Mildly impaired LV function at 50-55%. Further minor secondary medical impact namely, Purtscher’s retinopathy – both eyes believed to be due to CPR thoratic pressure. Now cleared. Medication (Beta-blockers) are causing an underlying claudication issue and this is being reviewed by the vascular surgeon.

Mark,  56, 14 months

Quite happily, I am fine. I need to ensure I get enough sleep and I take a short nap every afternoon. I don’t run much anymore and I only stopped cycling due to a nasty fall 10 years ago. Otherwise, no ill effects to date.

Mark,  46, 23 years

Beta blockers slow me down cycling up hills but that is all

Stewart,  53, 3 years

I can’t excerise as rigerously as I could before

Natasha,  25, 4.5 years

I have slowed down, a little more tired on beta blockers, find it harder to lose weight, have second thoughts when exercising and think twice, but tend to do it anyway – except running and swimming. Feel the cold so much now, winter is a real challenge for me.

Judy,  39, 3 years