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But what happened?

This is episode 1 part 2, you can read part 1 here The consultant joined us shortly after, just as my son and sister in law had arrived, He asked to speak with me alone. He explained that Susan had suffered a cardiac arrest She was not displaying natural signs and it may be the … Read more

Episode 1, part 1: But what happened?

Background. I write this as an Out Of hospital Sudden Cardiac Arrest (OOHSCA) survivors husband and someone who she describes as her Superman ☺ . I make no apologies for concentrating on this occurrence and experience from my perspective. This is intentional, to hopefully assist other survivors partners in my position and to assist survivors … Read more


Can you HELP? We’re looking for inspiring, noteworthy or funny things that UK (or UK based) survivors of a cardiac arrest have done since their event. Please send any pictures, newspapers cuttings, quotes or video you have to our email address or as a message to our Facebook Page. We’d also love any video messages (max … Read more