Talking helps. Time heals

Well today is my 47th birthday (09/09) and 27 days since my youngest son’s SCA.  I’m also a twin and my twin brother suffered a heart attack on 20th July so lots of happy tears today.

Both my brother and my son are now fine – brother has a stent fitted and lifestyle changes and Ben was fitted with his ICD on 24th August. They are coping well with the unexpected turn of events and just getting on with their lives.

I’m not go good emotionally. Family and friends have been very supportive and I really do appreciate the hugs and kind words but no one truly understands how I’m feeling or gets it.

I therefore made contact with the group via Facebook to find another Mum of a teenage survivor who would truely understand.

We all have our unique survivor stories and as I mum you will always worry about your child regardless of their age.

I am very grateful I do have a happy ending but I didn’t want this to happen and I guess that’s what I’m angry with.

Talking helps.

Time heals.

Ben has his older brothers, they have each other, I have them and they are my world. Nothing else matters.

Siblings also need support.  I’m divorced from their dad.

Fund raising helps – our own family is supporting the Have a heart ❤️ campaign Running in Tamworth.

Ben is living his life, he turns 18 in November and with a final year of A levels and maybe university, who knows where he will go, but I have to let him go forward on his own and I know that will be hard.

So my only advice to others/newbies to the group is to find that support, keep busy, fund raise, have your own me time and talk with family and friends.

Be positive.

Be happy.

Look after your heart. ❤️

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