Predicting patient outcomes with Professor Tobias Cronberg

In episode #48, Paul talks with consultant neurologist Professor Tobias Cronberg from Lund University in Sweden on predicting how patients will do after they have had a cardiac arrest.

If you listened to episode #044 you will know that Professor Cronberg has a deep interest in brain injury after a cardiac arrest and yesterday we announced the publication of a major review he led into the current state of this subject from prognostication through to rehabilitation.

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In this episode, we focus on the prognostication aspect and Professor Cronberg gives us some insights into the tools and techniques that are used and the whys and hows of decisions that are made when reasoning on the possible outcomes.

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Please be warned that this may be a difficult episode for some to listen to as the professor talks about the stark realities of surviving a cardiac arrest even if you get to the hospital alive.

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Presented and edited by Paul Swindell.

Recorded June 2020. 

1 thought on “Predicting patient outcomes with Professor Tobias Cronberg”

  1. this podcast on predicting patient outcomes after a sudden cardiac arrest was spot on. I am an out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest survivor and I’ve been (as have many many other sca survivors) looking for information like this and praying for direction in getting the medical field especially to learn how to appropriately care for us and provide for us once we leave the hospital. Please continue with your research and blogs so we can learn more. thank you so much.


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