Post-SCA Mental health well-being leaflet published

We’re proud to announce the publishing of our latest leaflet developed in conjunction with Dr Tom Keeble, Dr Marco Mion and Dr Michael Smith – Mental health well-being post-SCA.

Whatever the cause, a cardiac arrest is a serious and quite common medical emergency. Currently, the UK survival rate is quite low, around 8%, but for those that do survive the outcome is generally good; neurological disability is uncommon, and most survivors report a good physical recovery. However, despite the generally good outcomes we now know that many survivors experience fatigue, mild memory problems, challenges in returning to work, and difficulties with anxiety, low mood, and post-traumatic stress symptoms.

With this leaflet, we look at some of the common issues and provide some answers and reassurance on what to expect.

This is one of a collection of resources developed for us and are available on our publications page.

You can flick through the pdf below or download it here.


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