Considering Mortality: a call for a documentary subject

Cardiac arrest survivorship can throw all sorts of curve balls at you, both physically and psychologically. Having a close call with the Grim Reaper can certainly change your perspective on life and we have been asked to help out with the following project which aims to explore that subject on film…


My name is Leo Buckley and I’m a film director from South London.

I’m developing a short documentary on mortality and I’m looking for someone to be the film’s subject. Specifically, I’m looking for a UK-based young cardiac arrest survivor (25-35 years old) who is, or was an athlete of some kind and is interested and happy to be the focus of a short documentary exploring the theme of mortality.

A little about me: I spent 6 years working in the advertising industry cutting my teeth on some of the biggest brands such as Martell, Apple and Boots. My fascination with human nature and love of music & sport draws me to introspective stories with emotive subjects and I love bringing them to life.

At the beginning of 2022, I decided to go freelance in search of new and intriguing projects and this is the first of many.

Can the perspective of someone who has died once already nudge us towards a better relationship with our own mortality?

I think so.

Some examples of my previous work

Joel, one of my previous works and Gold Winner at the Telly Awards
I was always here (To view please use the following password=IWAH)

This is an independent enterprise, so SCA UK take no responsibility for it but we are happy to help as it is a little explored area of survivorship.

So, if you are a UK-based cardiac arrest survivor with an athletic background and are interested in taking part, please complete the application form via the button below…

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