A thousand suns

As 2016 came to a close yesterday I couldn’t help but reflect on the number of celebrity passings during the year and how fortunate I had been over 2 and a half years previously.  As I pondered on the time since my event, a penny dropped, I did a quick calculation and I realised that New Years Eve was a kind of special day for me…

Back in the summer when I was holidaying I was listening to an album that I’d picked up on a couple of months previously, it was called Elekktricity by a band called Ekkoes.  It was their debut and I loved it.

I had listened to the album quite a few times and I had found that the lyrics were quite poignant regarding my sudden cardiac arrest.  I knew the album wasn’t anything about cardiac emergencies (although the album artwork is spookily reminiscent of an ECG and possibly VF!), but I found myself drawn into a number of the songs as if the lyrics had been written for my situation, in particular the last track “A thousand suns”.  It’s a long track which is broken into 2 parts with an instrumental interlude and refrain for the last few minutes.  During that last part the following lyrics are repeated and I can’t help, but visualise them almost as if they were a script for what was happening at that time when my wife first found me in cardiac arrest…

Me : "Your heart beats close to mine"

Wife: "I'm searching for a sign"

Me: "But the light turns into dark"

Together: "And the world just falls apart..."

I did a post into the facebook group about how this had affected me and how it  had brought me to tears sitting in the sun around a swimming pool in a beautiful setting.  For the post I found a rather apt quote  and created a little video to go with it…

“Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens” – Maria Augusta von Trapp

You can see my little video here…

By now you’re probably wondering how a song I listened to back in the summer was connected to New Years Eve.  Well my little calculation showed that it had been 1002 days since my SCA and excluding the 2 that I had spent in a coma I had actually seen a thousand suns – the title of the track.  A small coincidence, but it did make me think and count my blessings.

Post Script

Back in November a band I like came to play near my home town and as luck would have it the support band were Ekkoes!  I contacted them to tell them about how I felt about their lyrics and how it related to me.  At the concert they surprised me by being kind enough to tell the story of how my wife had saved me and even though it wasn’t normally on their set list they played the song in her honour!  It was a real special moment and much appreciated, they are top guys!  As it all took me by surprise I didn’t film it so if anyone out there did capture it please get in contact!


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