Dr Tom Keeble Hospital Hero

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the Southend NHS Hospital heroes awards and asked for help with nominations for someone who has been extremely supportive to SCA UK for the past couple of years – Dr Tom Keeble.

We now need your help to get him as many votes as possible in the public vote – VOTE HERE – a couple of clicks is all that’s needed!

With his CARE (Care After REsucitation) study at the Essex Cardiothoracic Centre he has valuable experience and insights into what life is really like after a cardiac arrest.  Cardiac arrest patients at the CTC now get some of the best care in the country  and with help from SADS UK this is being progressed even further.   Receiving an award like this can help raise his profile and the work he is doing to help patient like us – so a vote for him is a vote for cardiac arrest survivors.

He has supported us for the past couple of years, giving his time freely to do webinars to the group, answering questions for members, raising funds for the group and most notably being a driving force behind the recent Guinness World Record Attempt which was announced just as beiung successful.

Dr Keeble received 29 nominations from members of the public, over half of the total nominations received in total this year, praising him for his outstanding care.

Below are some comments from the nominators:

“Doctor Keeble demonstrates an understanding of how we feel, the overwhelming trials that we survivors face psychologically and emotionally as well as physically. I trust him, and feel safe in his care, and for me that’s top of my list of wants about a Doctor.”

“A true NHS superstar, one of a kind that has a heart of gold, thank you Doctor Tom.”

“The hospital could benefit from hundreds of Doctor Keeble(s), FANTASTIC Man.”

Of his nomination, Doctor Keeble said: “”It is an incredible honour to be nominated for the Hospital Heroes award from patients that I have treated, and I am grateful to all of them. I try to give each and every patient time to understand and explore their diagnosis, investigation and treatment options, being sensitive to the patient’s opinions and getting the right tests and treatments for the right patient, and reassuring when I can.”

Please help and


a couple of clicks is all that’s needed!


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