Life after cardiac arrest paperback published

We’re really excited to announce that the SCA UK book “Life After Cardiac Arrest” is now available in a paperback version.

Paperback and ebook available on Amazon, UK, the US and beyond!

You can buy it on Amazon UK, the US and beyond!


The ebook version has been available since February 2018 and is rated with 5 stars and has received lots of great reviews…

“this book gives a lucid account of what it is like to survive! It will be of benefit to survivors, those who support them and health professionals who may know the clinical details, but not the actualité of life following a Cardiac Arrest. A fascinating read written frankly and without self pity, this book is enlightening and a must-read as more people survive a Cardiac Arrest” Fay

As a survivor of a Cardiac Arrest this was a really interesting read. It is somehow re-assuring to find that other people have had the same problems as you with their recovery, but more than anything it is a book of hope, surviving a Cardiac Arrest gives you a second chance, don’t waste it!” Matt

An amazing book!!!” Caroline

So glad we found this book, my husband had an SCA and it was truly helpful to read everyone else’s experience” Nicola


The books content is taken from blog articles on this website and longer posts within the SCA UK Facebook group and this updated edition contains a foreword by consultant cardiologist Dr Tom Keeble, NHS Hero 2018.


A massive thanks must go out to all of the contributors to the book…

Paul Swindell
Sacha Jenkyn
Richard Houghton
Dawn Saunders
Ryk Downes
Imogen Guest
Jamie Poole
Keith Lord
Alex Murphy
David Jeffrey
Chris Solomons
Bob Reville
Mick Schofield
Mark Wendruff
Ingrid Gardner
And Ian.

All proceeds from the sale of the book goes to help SCA UK and SADS UK support survivors and others affected by a sudden cardiac arrest.

We’re sure you won’t regret buying a copy and if you do and find it of value we’d really appreciate it if you could leave a positive review.

If you want to take a look at the ebook version (which is the same as the paperback) see below…

Volume 2

Would like to be in a future volume of Life After Cardiac Arrest? If so, then please take a look at our blog submissions page!

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