How not to die from a cardiac arrest

Really proud to say that SCA UK had a small part to play in the new BBC Three film – “How not to die from a cardiac arrest“.

We were approached earlier in the year by independent documentary company True Vision who’d found us via our website. They were looking for a young* volunteer who’d survived a cardiac arrest and would be willing to relive it in a film. We put a shout out to the group and got a great response. After a vetting process they selected 17 year old Ben who had his arrest whilst at work and was saved by colleague.  His mum Lisa, a keen group member also features in the 7 minute production.

It is part of a series entitled “How not to die…” and mixes stand out medical advice with compelling stories of survival.  They feature a range of life threatening situations: Electrocution, Car Vs Bike, Cardiac Arrest, Acid Attack, Dog Attack and Drugs. Would you know what to do to save someone’s life?

*BBC Three is an online TV channel and targets content towards the 16 to 34 age range.



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