Good advice post-cardiac arrest

Getting good quality advice and information post-cardiac arrest is not always easy, which is why we have done various podcasts on the very topics that trouble survivors and their families the most.

Here is a selection covering fatigue, memory issues, beta-blockers, sequelae, rehab and help with having an ICD.

Available to listen on the links below or on SpotifyApple GoogleYouTube and your favourite podcast player.

Managing Fatigue with fatigue expert Donna Malley

Memory issues with world-renowned clinical neuropsychologist Professor Barbara Wilson OBE

Beta blockers and other medications with consultant cardiologist Dr Tom Keeble

Sequelae, LACA host Paul covers many of the common issues that survivors experience post-arrest

Rehab and post-arrest activity with cardiac fitness expert Angela Hartley

ICD Owners 101, LACA host Paul answers many of the common questions that owners of an ICD have.

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  1. Love your podcasts. So important for us survivors to be informed. Thank you. I’ve actually written a book that is available for free or a donation that will go to supplying more AEDs to popular destinations. The book is available at I would appreciate any feedback on the content. The book has only become available today! Cheers.


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