Sudden Cardiac Arrest UK Wins Award for International Group Collaboration in Resuscitation Science

We’re proud to announce that we have been selected as award winners at the American Heart Association – Resuscitation Science Symposium 2023.

What did we win?

We have won the Ian G. Jacobs Award for International Group Collaboration to Advance Resuscitation, established in 2010 to recognise international collaboration among individuals over an extended period. This has resulted in significant contributions to fundamental or clinical science related to cardiac arrest or traumatic injury.

It is a fantastic honour to win this, as previous winners have all come from the medical establishment, and we are just a group of survivors and co-survivors! We have come a long way since that first meet-up in a pub; we are now a formidable force for change!

“Survivorship has growing importance in resuscitation science and this group has developed important infrastructure to support survivors and families that serves as a role model for global efforts towards improved quality of life after cardiac arrest.”


The award was accepted by Sudden Cardiac Arrest UK trustees Dr Thomas Keeble and Gareth Cole, followed by a short presentation.

6 thoughts on “Sudden Cardiac Arrest UK Wins Award for International Group Collaboration in Resuscitation Science”

  1. A truly magnificent development for the founders of this group, congratulations to you ALL, and so much respect and gratitude.
    Thanks so very much for all you have done👍👏❤️

  2. A brilliant achievement and well deserved recognition for SCA UK. Thank you for being a platform for support in the darkest days for us all, and allowing us to repay that by helping new people going forward.

  3. I am over the moon to read about the award – I survived an SCA with medical intervention and I survived post-SCA with great support from this group.

    I agree with Mike Brennan, it is a magnificent development for the group founders and contributors!

    It is astonishing how a group like this has been pivotal in highlighting the need for support for all involved.

    Well done all, I am eternally grateful 🙏 😊

  4. So very proud of all you’ve achieved – well done to everyone involved. Talk about ‘from little acorns grow….’ Xx

  5. Brilliant award in recognition of what the group has achieved in supporting peers. The SCA UK group has been a life saver to me (and many others) in my recovery following my life being saved after a cardiac arrest. Sense there are more brilliant things to come from this group. Paul and Gareth are superheroes.


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