Sudden Cardiac Arrest UK support group leaflet announcement

It’s with great pleasure that I can announce the first edition of the Sudden Cardiac Arrest UK support group leaflet.  The leaflet is intended to give an insight into what the group is about and hopefully attract people who might benefit from being a member i.e. those affected by an unexpected and sudden cardiac arrest.  This could be survivors, rescuers, partners, family members or interested medical professionals at any stage of their involvement with an SCA.

This has been a team effort and so many thanks are in order:

Firstly to Anne Jolly of SADS UK and Ben of Stryker Physio Control for sponsoring the project, Dawn and her team at Katapult for branding and design,  Zoe Sanders for copywriting services, Richard Wiseman for the cover photo and various members of the group for their ideas and input.

Thanks everyone!

We hope to start distribution soon and if you can assist in placing at suitable venues i.e. cardiac wards, cardiac support groups, related conferences please do let us know.

You can view the leaflet in PDF format using the following link

Sudden Cardiac Arrest UK Leaflet


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