We’ve received some fantastic feedback from the Beating Hearts Beating Records event that you attended at the weekend, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

We’d just like to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU for coming and taking part in the day as the day would not of happened without the huge effort made by everyone to attend.

As you are probably aware we had 127 survivors and they came form all over the country and even one from Gran Canaria where they were on holiday at the time.  As Roy said, you need dedication to be a record breaker and that’s dedication!

With regards to the record, we are busy collating and checking the evidence for our submission and maybe you can help as we would like to see your photos, videos and any local press articles you have of the event.  Please upload to our Dropbox folder (no account needed)

Unfortunately it will take some time for GWR to verify it once we have submitted and their current lead time is 15 weeks, so I’m afraid it’ll be a little while yet before we officially know.  You can however, rest assured that until then you are unofficially a world record holder!

Should our application be successful we will receive just one official certificate.  If you want your own official one you have to purchase it from GWR. If there is the demand we may do our own certificate.

This was the sixth meet up of the group and the biggest by far, we want to make sure we make any further events just as well received as this one and we can only do that if we listen to our attendees.  We’d therefore invite you (and anyone who attended with you) to take part in this short survey which will just take a few moments to complete and will ensure future events meet the needs of those affected by a sudden cardiac arrest.

Click here to complete the survey.

See you next time!

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