DVLA FORM D1 – Temporary changes advice

A recent question was asked online regarding the correct procedure for gaining access to FORM D1 from the DVLA.  This is a key form which is required to be completed when re-applying for your Driver licence  (for a motorcycle or car) if you have voluntarily surrendered your licence e.g. post-cardiac arrest ICD implantation

A check of the DVLA site reveals that the facility to request a FORM D1 online , or to complete the application online has been temporarily withdrawn .

We have made contact with DVLA and have ascertained that this access facility has been withdrawn due to the current staffing model being deployed at DVLA in response to the COVID outbreak.

DVLA have advised that there are currently two ways to obtain a FORM D1

  • From your local Post Office


  • Telephone 0300 790 6806, option 1  then option 3

It would be worth following the second choice as you can also request a FORM H1 (medical form) which you will also require to complete.

It should be noted that this process does not apply to FORM D2 (lorry, bus or minibus) which is still available to request or complete online.

Feature photo by Kelly Lacy from Pexels

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