Survivorship Day Videos from #RESUS2020

The videos from the recent European Resuscitation Council (ERC) #RESUS2020 Survivorship Day are now available for all to watch, so if you couldn’t make the day, you’re in luck!

The day was divided into 3 sessions, each consisting of a short summary of a longer presentation and then a discussion/Q&A session. You can view each of these discussion sessions plus all of the videos the discussions relate to.

Please remember that the ERC #RESUS2020 is a primarily a professional conference targetted at physians interested in saving lives and these Survivors sessions were the first time that they had had this sort of content at their event. As such the aim of the sessions was to help out survivors directly but to also inform and educate those that can help future survivors and their families. So, please understand why some of the talks may seem a little more technical than we would have at a usual SCA UK event.

Session 1 – The Survivorship Story

Chaired by Dr Kelly Sawyer (US)

Moderated by Dr Katie Dainty (CAN), Sue Hampshire & Professor William Toff

With Dr Kirstie Haywood, Dr Tom Keeble, Stuart Menzies and Paul Swindell.

Recording of the live discussion
What’s it like to be a survivor – Paul Swindell
What’s it like to be a rescuer – Stuart Menzies
New normality (data drive outcomes/experiences) – Dr Kirstie Haywood
What patient’s want and how can we make survivorship better – Dr Thomas Keeble

Session 2 – Survivorship Challenges

Physical and mental challenges, assessments and treatments for survivors and their families

Chaired by Professor Hans Friberg (SWE)

Moderated by Dr Marco Mion, Dr Gisella Lilja (SWE) & Dr Thomas Keeble

With Donna Malley, Professor Barbara Wilson, Dr Ros Case and Professor Karen Smith.

Recording of the live discussion
Fatigue – Donna Malley
Cognitive and psychological assessment and treatments – Dr Rosalind Case
Return to work – Professor Karen Smith (AUS)

Session 3 – Global Survivorship Support

How to support survivors and families around the world

Chaired by Professor Karen Smith (AUS)

Moderated by Dr Benjamin Abella (US), Paul Swindell (UK) & Dr Kelly Sawyer (US)

With Dr Sachin Agarwal, Vicky Joshi and Dr Gisela Lilja

Recording of the live discussion
New York + COVID
The New York model (4C) / Impact of COVID – Dr Sachin Agarwal
Denmark – Dr Vicky Joshi
Sweden – Gisella Lilja

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