Cardiac arrest lived experiences

We’re proud to announce our new series of videos with five survivors talking openly and succinctly about their cardiac arrest lived experiences.

Not knowing what the future holds can be a very worrying time after an SCA and one way to reduce this anxiety is to learn about other survivors’ experiences. Everyone’s SCA and recovery are unique but there are common themes that crop up and our volunteers talk about some of the most frequent:

The five survivors, Gareth, Ingrid, Ash, Charlotte and Freddie are at varying times post-arrest but all are over the “honeymoon” period where life can be very much a roller-coaster.

We’d like to thank them for their dedication and for talking openly about their experience, which isn’t always easy.

The recordings were made via Zoom calls and the survivors were given instructions to briefly talk about their experience of each subject. Each of the clips has been compiled into a single theme video, each roughly around 10 minutes long. These have been collated into a playlist to allow easy navigation, however, the videos can be viewed individually in their own right.


The instigation behind the creation of these videos is for the pilot V-CARE (Virtual Care After REsuscitation) – a new online offering from the excellent Essex Cardiothoracic Centre for future patients unable to attend their in-person CARE offering.

This is part of a study being kindly funded by the Resuscitation Council UK and whilst the V-CARE offering is not available to the wider public we can share these initial videos.

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